Mayor & Council

The City of Morning Sun Mayor and Council work together for the citizens of our community. As leaders, they are committed to protecting the City of Morning Sun assets through the encouragement of residents and businesses to become integral participants in our community.

The Morning Sun City Council meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Check the event calendar or call the City Clerk to confirm. 

Communicating with the City Council 


Council members do not have set hours at City Hall. Residents are welcome to call them at their listed phone number(s).


All correspondence addressed to the City Council becomes a permanent public record and is archived by the City.    

Mail should be addressed to:

Morning Sun City Council, P.O. Box 426, 11 E Division St, Morning Sun Iowa 52640.                                                 

The sender must include their full name. Unsigned correspondence will not be forwarded to the City Council. Address is optional.

Contact Info

Bill Minnis

Ken Stocker
City Council Member

Jennifer Greiner
City Council Member

Jerry Malone
City Council Member

Angie Malone
City Council Member

Amanda Richardson
City Council Member